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       “Sherry’s Porch” is a 14’ X 14’ room with seven big windows and serves as “Sherry’s Porch”. There's gardenia bushes on two sides of the porch; I had trouble growing gardenias before, but they smell so good that I'm trying again. Shade-loving camellia bushes are on the shady side of the porch. Cannas line the ramp from the back door near the porch; cannas are easy to grow, bloom all summer, are showy, and spread but not invasively. Knock-out roses and azalea bushes fill in the rest of the garden. The border has lots of zinnias; red knock-out roses and zinnias are showy and easy to grow; and the knock-out roses bloom most of the year in north Florida. I am closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on Earth. Will we be good stewards of the Earth?